Machine tool industry will continue to recover growth last year
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Machine tool industry will continue to recover growth last year

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Reporters recently learned from the 17th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT2021), in June 2019, China's machine tool industry import and export surplus for the first time, and has maintained a surplus, from January to December 2020 the trade surplus of machine tool industry import and export is 2.45 billion US dollars.

According to the China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association, in 2020, the business situation of the machine tool industry has been getting better every month since March, and then picking up in every month. This year will continue the recovery growth trend last year, the market will show the characteristics of the former high after low, the main economic indicators are expected to increase by more than 5%.

The reporter learned from the exhibition area of Qinchuan Group, Qinchuan Group enterprises full orders, CNC machine orders have been arranged in the second half of this year. Yan Jianbo, chairman of the group, revealed that Qinchuan Group's operating income and profit will increase significantly this year compared with 2020.

Foreign companies in China also have good expectations for this year's business. Feng Haitian, general manager of Liebherr Machinery Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said at a joint conference hosted by the China Machine Tool Industry Association that the company has seen rapid growth in segmented industries such as automobiles, agricultural machinery, new energy and construction machinery, and the company is very optimistic about the market prospect in 2021.

Jia Jiangyang, general manager of Heidham China, said the company's growth trend continued unabated and expected to reach a new level this year. Hammer (Shanghai) Trading Co., whose orders and deliveries were up 10% last year, is so strong in the first quarter that its German headquarters has set a 20% growth target, according to Ai Feng, the company's general manager.

Some analysts believe that the main reason why foreign companies in China have a good expectation for 2021 is that China took the lead in resuming work and production in an all-round way. In addition, as China enters the 14th Five-Year Plan period, to achieve high-quality economic development, the demand for medium - and high-end products and technologies will increase, which will also bring more opportunities for foreign companies operating in China. At the same time, the trade friction between China and the United States has had a certain impact on the entry of foreign high-end machine tools into the Chinese market, and users' demand for high-end machine tools in China has increased.

Wang Liming, secretary general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said that there are many factors supporting China's good economic expectations in the future, such as the new development pattern of double cycle will promote the development of machine tool market; The Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) has been above the line between expansion and contraction for 12 consecutive months, indicating an obvious recovery trend in the machine tool industry. The automobile manufacturing industry and other industries are obviously better than expected, which is conducive to the growth of market demand in the machine tool industry.

Many business people at the same time said that the future market opportunities and challenges coexist, should always pay attention to prevent risks.

Some enterprise officials told reporters that although the business is expected to achieve double-digit growth in 2021, but the delivery period required by customers is very tight. Whether the release of backlog demand in 2020 will cause short-term overheating of the market is a problem, and operators should be cautious and optimistic.

Ren Jiaping, general manager of JuLang Kailong Machine Tool Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd, revealed that the company's order amount in 2020 is roughly the same as that in 2019, but the product mix is different. It is necessary to observe closely the technological trend of the future market development, such as the development of the new energy vehicle industry, which has a great impact on its business.

Beijing Fanuc Electromechanical Co., Ltd. said that market demand and business opportunities have been changing, enterprises should be good at finding new opportunities, and actively pay attention to factors that may affect performance in the future, such as market fluctuations caused by the epidemic.

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